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Robyn Lindsey

Partner / Innovation and Thought Leader

Robyn is a Partner, Senior Thought Leader and Global Retail Sector leader with 30+ years professional experience at Geyer across a diverse range of sectors and project types. She leads and facilitates creative, innovative and strategic projects for many of Australia’s leading corporations and property owners along with emerging businesses. Robyn is an expert at championing new initiatives and design solutions to optimise growth objectives and support challenges to change. Robyn provides a rare balance of innovative design thinking, creative design skills and business nous having added to her design degree with an MBA focussing on leadership for innovation and strategy for competitive advantage. She fosters an approach that brings together human behaviours and mindsets, organisational brand and cultural strategies and environmental and social aspirations and business mandates. These feed into creative methodologies including facilitation of design thinking programs that bring together diverse and curated teams to build rigorous solutions and outcomes for the future. Robyn’s experience includes working with corporate, retail and hospitality based organisations such as Telstra, Westpac and ANZ.


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