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Building refurbishment is the way of the future

Posted/ 14 February 2012

Asset performance is critical to a successful property portfolio. Improving an underperforming building can take on many forms. Motivations are diverse, from owners expanding or improving their retail offer, incorporating sustainable design principles, upgrading working floors or a combination of all three.


Geyer is skilled at re-energising buildings from the ground up, assisting owners in achieving desired market position and adding sustainable value to property portfolios. Geyer's approach is to objectively benchmark the building and site performance to establish a range of performance metrics that a building owner can choose from in order to refurbish and reposition their building stock. This tailored approach is aligned with the refurbishment's ability to attract and retain the desired tenant mix and ultimately increase the value of the investment and rental returns.


Geyer's experience in this sector ranges from large-scale high-rise commercial towers to regional centres, retail precincts, mixed-use developments and individual tenancy base building upgrades. The approach, whilst customised for each opportunity, has been developed from expansive interiors experience, specifically aligned to the end user of space, the tenant and their customers. Geyer works with building owners to maximise the potential to increase building connectivity across the site and between floors, incorporate sustainable design practices, ensure the right level of amenity and perceivable quality, and reinvigorate the retail offer (if applicable) to reactivate the public interface and provide a destination building.


The level of upgrade is sensitive to local trends, the proposed tenant mix, commercial costs and logistics, and seamless integration. Geyer assists clients with understanding the range in scope versus perceived benefit to establish a credible value engineered approach, resulting in a building quality aligned to their target market and tenant expectations for the longer term. Geyer approaches design from a strategic viewpoint, undertaking demographic studies, liaising with urban planners, considering new and emerging trends, and incorporating the latest technology and sustainable materials to ensure the result is contemporary, but also future focused.