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Creating stories from the fishing village, Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Posted/ 13 May 2016

Geyer are designing a hotel which is one of the worlds leading boutique brands, IHG Hotel Indigo. Essential to the role of the designer is to ideate the story telling behind what makes the location of the hotel unique. What would the interiors bring in from the neighbourhood that would immerse the guests in a layered experience of Jimbaran?
The hospitality team out of Singapore spent three days researching , photographing and engaging with the local families of the village to find out what lies under the surface of this popular tourist destination. We ate and shared intimate stories about how the village began and how trading of fish and omega 3 medicinal ointment was an essential part of the trading for the Jimbaran clan in its vibrant history.
So now we feel part of the family and have so many stories on why and how the village became a port, a salt farm, a fishing village and a tourist destination. We are excited about the next stages of the creation of Hotel Indigo Jimbaran and will share with you the creative journey over the coming year!