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Geyer appoints BIM Manager

Posted/ 14 February 2012

Julia Allen has joined the team in Melbourne and is overseeing Geyer's BIM capabilities.


Julia was recently quoted in a BIM feature in Property Australia. "The uptake of BIM-capable software has been growing at a huge rate because the benefits are substantial compared to traditional 2D documentation", says Julia Allen, BIM leader at Geyer. She believes "the sky's the limit" for BIM as we see more inter-operability and better integration, coupled with improved technology. "We will also see the expansion of building models to include more complex life cycle phases", Allen says. "From an interiors perspective, we are likely to have the ability to immerse ourselves within the modelled space, allowing us to explore how our design concepts will be adopted by users, allowing the study of human behaviour in a virtual capacity to further enhance our design practice."