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Geyer designs WRAPPED for the Emergency Shelter Exhibition

Posted/ 03 April 2013

This purpose of the Emergency Shelter Exhibition is to propose shelter that can protect people from the elements in emergency situations, and also provide a space to feel secure and comfortable in a recovery zone.


Changes to the global climate are resulting in a larger number of natural disasters, which are creating a greater need for emergency shelter.
_There are currently over 35,000,000 refugees worldwide.
_ More than 42,000,000 people worldwide were displaced from their homes in 2010.
_The Victorian Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 left over 7,500 people without a place to live and over 60,000 homes without power.

Geyer's concept, WRAPPED, provides a personalised space to provide a sense of place and ownership. An evolving cocoon protects and nurtures those affected by disaster; providing support and comfort for displaced people. WRAPPED empowers inhabitants by providing them with the means to adapt their space for privacy, dignity and security, resulting in a unique architectural vernacular within the recovery zone.


Visit the Emergency Shelter Exhibition website to learn more about the exhibition.