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Geyer speaks to Leading Company about Trust In The Workplace

Posted/ 26 June 2013

The way that an office is designed can enhance or undermine trust between everyone in the workplace, including leaders and those who report to them. National interior design company, Geyer, is engaged in research to establish just what kind of impacts our modern design trends are having on trust in organisations.
Trust today is a two-way street, says Geyer. “Ideas of trust have changed. It used to be a bureaucratic model, from top down. Companies trusted their employees because they could walk around and see them doing their jobs. In modern times, trust goes from the bottom up. Staff look at organisations and in particular at their leaders to see how they are dealing with external forces impacting the business. For example, during the global financial crisis, people asked if they trusted the company they work for. Were they jerks and did they lay everyone off, or were they honest about their situation?”
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