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Geyer works with Macquarie University on The Australian Hearing Hub

Posted/ 22 May 2013

Geyer recently worked with Macquarie University on the development of The Australian Hearing Hub, a unique, world class facility purpose-designed to facilitate collaborative research into hearing and related speech and language disorders.

The Hub is a pioneering collaboration precinct bringing together research teams from the University, Australian Hearing Services, the private sector and not-for-profit organisations. Geyer was the key organisation responsible for the facilitation of the collaboration workshops between all parties, then determining the individual functional briefs for all interior functions. This was then developed into the overall project brief.

Geyer documented all interior elements for the individual stakeholders and collaborated with the base building architect on shared spaces to ensure an integrated outcome.

The Hearing Hub concept involves the provision of shared areas in both a meeting, hospitality and technical capacity and was designed to encourage both formal and informal collaborations between the parties and foster innovation. The shared facility includes a specialist anechoic (‘no echo’) chamber, a 150-seat lecture theatre, and a Magneto Encephalograph (MEG) facility.


The Hearing Hub also provides additional teaching and learning scope for students in Hearing, Audiology and Language Sciences. Geyer was able to bring to the project was a balance between the functional requirements of the lab and academic spaces, and the intangible elements such as how physical spaces can influence patients in potential states of stress or anxiety to create an environment that will make clinical research more accessible and community focussed.