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Most liked: Geyer's Urban Cocoon

Posted/ 27 January 2012

Geyer's Urban Cocoon was the most 'liked' installation at Rebirth for Saturday Indesign.


Geyer was one of five designers challenged by InterfaceFLOR to celebrate Rebirth using post-industrial waste elements from carpet manufactures. Each year millions of tonnes of waste end up in landfill, but every day designers are upcycling: turning thinking on its head by taking discarded objects and giving them new life, and keeping them from landfill. Our Urban Cocoon installation explored the ways in which we interact with spaces, using the elements of the waste cycle to breathe new life into forgotten urban areas. Taking inspiration from the emerging social trend of reactivating dilapidated city laneways, we upcycled bobbins, palettes, carpet tiles and card cores. Subtle visual and tactile cues were used to create cocoon environments within the cityscape, with familiar elements given a second life as they morphed into new structures.


The Geyer installation earned the most 'likes' on the InterfaceFLOR facebook page. For more information see here.