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Places People Work walking tour for the Melbourne International Design Week

Posted/ 27 May 2015

As part of Design Matters and the Melbourne International Design Week in May, Geyer hosted a ‘Places People Work’ walking tour.
Lead by Rebecca Daff and Tanya Hillman, the tour commenced in Geyer’s Melbourne studio with a history lesson; an introduction to workplace thinking including reflection on  the 1995 Office of the Future, a travelling pavilion that projecting visions of the future workplace. Office of the Future was a collaboration between Geyer, DEGW and The Fore group.
Ironically, today’s workplace tools and opportunities are very closely aligned with these 20 year old speculations that were perceived as ‘ beyond the Jetsons’. From the Geyer studio, the walk included stops at Herald & Weekly Times ‘My Place on 3’, Folk Architecture’s studio in the Nicolas Building, BHPB’s new corporate headquarters at 171 Collins and the foyer of the recently completed Westpac WorkSMART workplace by Geyer at 150 Collin St.
At each workplace, a representative met the group and led a discussion around how the spaces reflect each of the organisation’s culture and the impact of design on the users. Through the tour, participants were given insights around a variety of other workplaces including informal, iterative corporate, community, education and retail workplaces. Another highlight was a review of Centre way Arcade, an iconic postmodern arcade within Melbourne’s laneway network that has a variety of workplaces across six levels.
Watch this space for the second iteration of Places People Work walking tour during Open House Melbourne in July 2015.