Telstra Discovery Store Creating a Brilliant Connected Future

Telstra’s Discovery Store breaks new ground in retail. Designed as a social environment it challenges retail store assumptions. Using a behaviour- centred design ethos, it places customers, staff and communities at its heart supporting Telstra’s brand to ‘Create a Brilliant Connected Future’ and bridging the physical and online divide. 


Telstra requested that the store design support a major brand shift to ‘create a great place to connect’, where customers, communities and staff could engage with new levels of personalisation and interactivity. They also wanted a unique store to showcase the brand globally. 


The concept of ’connectivity’ and ‘discovery’ is realised through spatial volumes, component design and communications integration in carefully choreographed customer experiences and curated technology stories. Supported by diverse settings and self- selected or staff assisted engagement, it includes interactive devices, 1:1 engagement pods through to masterclass tables and stand up bars.


The building faces Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall and has previously failed as a 2-level retail space. Designing an iconic retail space was critical; elevators were flipped, a large entry void created and a cascading, interactive digital ‘Central Feature’ positioned to provide theatre and orientation.  Sweeping walls and ceilings transition spaces throughout the levels aiding navigation and attraction.


A neutral, fresh palette creates a relaxed ambience and provides a backdrop to products, technologies, communications and experiences. Flooring matched to Melbourne’s bluestone, visually sweeps the footpath into the store space. Sustainability principles were taken beyond materials and lighting to support Telstra’s sustainability commitments, contributing spaces for community enterprises.