ANZ Foreign Exchange Kiosk A new creative benchmark for kiosk design

In 2011 Geyer and ANZ set a new creative benchmark for kiosk design, with the ANZ Foreign Exchange Kiosk located within the International Terminal at Melbourne Airport.


The innovative kiosk design challenges the traditional boundaries for aesthetics, function and security to create a totally open experience for employees and customers. This aligns with the ANZ brand proposition of being customer focused. ANZ business drivers - Uncomplicated, People Shaped and Super Regional – were also central to the design of the kiosk.


Located on a dominant pathway with the International Departure Terminal, close consideration has been given to sightlines and circulation to ensure maximum brand exposure to a wide spectrum of global travellers, and building brand awareness with a wider regional customer base. A LED tickertape ‘rates display’ forms a ribbon that runs above, and mimics the contours of, the kiosk counter. While also being informative to the customer and supporting wayfinding, the LED ribbon is a contemporary take on the traditional LED rates boards. LCD screens to the rear of the counter display rates, and allow employees to change the display subject to flight departures. This enables a more individual and tailored advertisement to customers and provides easy viewing from the circulation path.