BHP Billiton Marketing A future focus supporting evolution

Geyer worked with BHP Billiton in Singapore on their 21,000sqm Marketing Headquarters which supports greater collaboration, efficiency, operational intelligence and design relevance for the duration of their 10 year lease. The major project driver was a future focus that supported evolution over time. This was driven out of a desire to remain relevant to business aspirations and dynamics, as well as a commitment to longevity and sustainability beyond the typical ‘box’ ticking often associated with certification. The design empowers local employees by providing a spacious open plan solution that is supported by an extensive selection of well organised communal spaces. There are areas within the project that are shared across the entire organisation for all people to embrace, both in the external facing areas of the Level 50 Concierge and the internal heart of the project, the Level 45 Padang.



The project success is a result of a completely collaborative design process that enabled the design team, engineering team, information technology team, client team and most particularly the facilities team, who would ultimately operate the facility for its lifetime, to become completely aligned. This holistic design approach meant that all aspects of the project were being considered from inception to completion to ensure that the final solution would support a seamless transition from design to operations.