Millward Brown Creating a dynamic and collaborative space


Geyer worked with Millard Brown to refurbish the existing workplace to create a dynamic and collaborative space that supports the high level of engagement that occurs between their people and clients, and reflects the creative nature of their business. 
The over arching design concept is based on the idea of a ‘City Fringe Urban Village’ - an engaging, eclectic and interactive space with the flexibility to continually change and adapt. 
This concept was also reflective of Millward Brown’s location in North Sydney.
In line with this concept, Geyer has replanned the space to move to a open plan environment, and has introduced a number of informal collaborative spaces that cater for both large gatherings, small working groups, and individual work away from the desk. Central to the design is the large ‘Town Hall’ area that allows for the entire office to come together.
Millward Brown is part of the global WPP Group and, as such, the space has been designed in line with WPP’s over arching workplace principles.