Aurecon Melbourne Small changes make a big impact for Aurecon

Following the development of a strategy and guidelines document, Geyer helped Aurecon select a site and designed their Melbourne accommodation.  Aurecon’s workplace comprises 4.5 floors within the C7 Development at 850 Collins Street and is home to over 700 employees.
Aurecon were committed to adopting contemporary workplace practices while remaining sensitive to the realities of their ‘paper based’ business. Currently, technology does not support Aurecon transitioning to a full paperless workplace: hard copy large-scale engineering plans are still an important tool that technology cannot yet replace. Screen technology is rapidly improving, as are workstyles within the business.  Geyer continues to work with Aurecon in identifying components and people who can evolve to mobile working practices.
Geyer worked with Aurecon to identify small changes that would have a big impact on the efficiency and culture of the organisation. This included dramatically reducing paper usage through the introduction of lockers and central paper locations, removing individual offices and introducing bench desking, and increasing amenity space including dedicated space for learning and socialising. These solutions also assist the organisation manage knowledge by eliminating physical obstructions in the space and reducing built spaces.
The workplace provides Aurecon’s staff with an environment that enables them to service clients and visitors in a way that demonstrates their culture and brand attributes. The workplace represents a contemporary, innovative organisation that is a leader in their field. The workplace offers the opportunity to align the environment with their global business strategy, Aurecon’s brand, improve productivity and reduce operating costs.