APP Home away from home

Geyer worked with APP to design a connected workplace that provides a ‘home away from home’ for their people and encourages their people to approach projects in new and innovative ways.


Geyer’s design response was to dedicate a significant amount of the space as ‘interactive zones’ to encourage employees to work together. These zones include the reception and breakout area on one floor, and a large lounge area on the second floor. These two spaces provide a variety of alternate work areas, including settings for group work, meetings or quiet work. The idea of collaboration is also articulated by an internal staircase which visually connects the two floors and integrates the different business units. Geyer has also introduced bench style desking, with no partitioning, to encourage interaction. A unique feature of the design is the use of ‘wardrobes’ to break up the space and act as a home base for the surrounding teams, some of whom might be hot desking.