Bank Muscat A new benchmark for workplace design in Oman

Geyer was engaged by Bank Muscat to develop the design for their new headquarters building in Oman. Although the site had already been selected, there was the opportunity to work closely with the building architect, WS Atkins, to amend the original design and better address the client’s business objectives.


Bank Muscat is the largest financial institution in Oman. The organisation identified the opportunity for the new headquarters building to demonstrate their strong connection to community and family and at the same time provide a platform to evolve the working habits and behaviours of their people. Geyer worked with the Bank’s leadership team to identify the key business drivers and establish the unique point of difference they wanted to express in the physical environment. This process investigated the way the building would support contemporary workstyles, a more collaborative culture and express social responsibility. Bank Muscat was then able to work with the architect and building developers to incorporate changes to the base building that would provide greater alignment with their business objectives.


Following on from this strategic process, Geyer partnered with local architects and designers to develop the design for the iconic headquarters.