BUPA Growing together

Geyer brought its knowledge of MBF's requirements to this project through the long term client relationship we have enjoyed. The new challenge was to blend these known requirements and brand understanding with the new owners’ corporate vision. As part of the BUPA Group, BUPA MBF needed to ensure its accommodation standards aligned with the groups’ requirements, while giving consideration to particular functional needs and providing suitable regional differentiation.


The final design solution provides a fresh, energetic work environment, based on a flexible workstation design that is able to accommodate flux in workforce numbers at peak times. We introduced some "new" areas into MBF's accommodation standards, most of which provide informal meeting and gather spaces in close proximity to work areas, or "blend" spaces which combine separate functions such as tea point zones and utility areas within one larger, dynamic space which them becomes an ideal area for unplanned communication and team building. The main cafe space is the area where most staff come together, with flexible furniture that users can reconfigure or clear from the room to accommodate larger gatherings. Graphics used throughout the facility also reinforce the organisations drivers and promotion of wellbeing. Through provision of flexible and generous meeting spaces on all floors, including video conferencing, all staff are able to connect and interact "face to face" with their national counterparts. The client areas communicate the strength and certainty of the BUPA MBF brand, but are intended to be welcoming and open. This was an important driver for the client.


The final design solution projects BUPA MBF's key accommodation objectives, being, transform, innovation, promote health and wellbeing, connection and flexibility. The collaboration between BUPA MBF and Geyer emphasises the benefits of growing together, seeking constant improvement and innovation. The new Brisbane facility set the benchmark for future fitouts.