Confidential project: Vietnam resort concept A celebration of the unique environment and culture

The project by the nature of the architectural layout appears to be modern and rhythmic. The way that the architecture touches the landscape and frames the views essentially governs the way that the interiors integrate to the exteriors. Our chosen approach was to provide a contemporary interior story that has character tied into the Asian aesthetic via proportion and finishes with the layout lending itself to clean and simple spaces giving all the attention back to the guest interface to the resort surroundings. For us, a resort is very much about ‘looking out’.

Designed to frame it’s natural surroundings, the resort instils a sense of calm and belonging. Textural and natural finishes juxtaposing modern materials, with references to local character is a celebration of the unique environment and culture. The local materials such as bamboo, represent the resilience and strength of the Vietnamese people, paying tribute to their homeland, and symbolise a peaceful, rustic village in the mind of a Vietnamese wherever they are.