CPA Australia A new offering to CPA Members

The relocation of CPA Australia’s global headquarters to Freshwater Place provided an opportunity for CPA Australia to reinvent their working environment and to offer new and exciting services to their members; differentiating them as a ‘cut above’ their competitors. Geyer developed an overarching concept which related directly to CPA Australia’s ‘think’ and ‘create’ marketing campaign.


CPA Australia’s core values of being seen as a ‘smart’, global membership organisation, with a strong knowledge offer were to be inherent aspects within the fit out. The large and flexible 1,800sqm floor plates were treated as a ‘think’ and ‘create’ landscape. The ‘think’ areas provide space for quiet, concentrative and individual work while the ‘create’ areas provide space for collaboration, socialisation and ‘noisy’ activities. The concept of ‘the exchange’ was developed from the concept of right and left brain thinking which was derived from the ‘think and ‘create campaign’. The ‘exchange’ forms a hub of project, meeting and quiet spaces, directly off the lift lobby forming a buffer to the working floor. A large collaborative space is also a part of the ‘exchange’ and has been deliberately placed in the best corner of the building for shared use by all of CPA’s people.


Geyer has also delivered projects in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Singapore, Auckland and Shanghai.