Cue Clothing Co Showcasing Australian design

Geyer has recently completed the new 3000sqm design studio and showroom space for one of Australia’s most successful fashion houses, Cue Clothing Co. The company has relocated to Holt Street in Surry Hills, a suburb with a rich history in the rag trade and now home to a wide range of design and creative studios. Geyer’s design solution brings Cue’s brand position as a progressive, fashion forward organisation, to life, marking an evolution from the ‘traditional’ design studio while still embracing Cue’s proud heritage.


A key objective for the new space was to have greater connectivity between people across the company, from designers to business support, encouraging mentoring, creativity and business growth. Geyer developed a design concept based on 'threads of connection'. From entry into the reception, visual and physical connections are enabled to other spaces within the environment, encouraging people to feel part of the organisation and involved in the creative process. As a result the corporate office, showroom space and design studios are all seamlessly integrated across the two-floor tenancy. Translucent glowing cubes form the Cue and Veronika Maine showrooms, with a light, industrial feature stair connecting the two spaces, creating a clear link between brands while enabling each to retain their own identity. Design studios adjoin each showroom giving visitors a fascinating insight into the process of design.


Cue was recently shortlisted in the international FX Awards for best commercial workplace.