Deloitte Fluid connectivity

Geyer worked with Deloitte New Zealand to select and design their new workplace in Auckland. Anticipated growth was putting increased pressure on their accommodation requirements and as a result, Geyer was engaged to develop a strategic brief, carry out building evaluations and undertake test planning in order to find the best accommodation to support Deliotte's business objectives and requirements. This strategic process led to Deloitte leasing ten levels in Auckland’s first 5 Star Greenstar building at 80 Queen Street.


Geyer subsequently worked in collaboration with New Zealand Architects Warren & Mahoney to deliver a new workplace for Deloitte.  The overarching concept for the new workplace was one of ‘fluid connectivity’, developed from the historic geological junction between the Waitemata stream and former shoreline that sits under the site.  This referencing of the ancient stream became a metaphor for the connection of this new office to the greater business world in New Zealand and also to Deloitte’s global partners. 


The approach focused on providing interdivisable modules based on the building grid to populate the floor area around the required built zone.  Strong vistas, transparency and ease of access to technology, creates connectivity within the work environment and a restrained, clean lined client floor features timber detailing and articulated ceiling treatments, emphasising vistas to the Waitemata Harbour.  Perforated back illuminated timber panels trailing to and from the connecting stairs, creates a ‘digital stream’ throughout the client and training floors. Meeting rooms maintain maximum transparency through the use of glazing and support technology for global communication.


The client’s objective to offer spaces which satisfy a diversity of work styles has been achieved through a variety of shared environments including a custom workstation kit-of-parts, informal and formal meeting areas, quiet rooms, flexible learning/training spaces and project desks. VOIP and wireless technology have been incorporated across working floors to enable plug ‘n’ play for individual or shared working.


The introduction of a dedicated client area interconnected with learning/training facilities with higher quality amenity, improved technology and flexibility with meeting/function spaces catering for up to 200 people, supports Deloitte as they embrace innovation and learning as a strategy for sustainable business. The approach to flexiblity through variation rather than uniformity, supports the way different teams and individuals work and values independent and innovative working styles. Flexible shared hubs and learning facilities within the workspace allow different teams to come together supporting both large conferences and smaller, more intimate mentoring opportunities. 


Deloitte’s long standing relationship with the local art community is highlighted through integrated art installations on all floors and their environmentally responsible aspirations are achieved through the integrated design features aligned to the 5 star Greenstar base building.


Deloitte Auckland was awarded the Silver award in the Workplace and Office category at the New Zealand Designers Institute Best Awards.