Euroz High quality design and detail

Euroz is a relatively young, leading West Australian securities company who sought a modern yet conservative workplace that would solidify them in the minds of their local community. The brief from Euroz was to create an effective, communicative and stimulating team environment that provided the opportunity to share information, communicate effectively, be cross functional and maintain and improve on Euroz’s positive, communicative environment.


The design encourages both planned and impromptu interaction to improve communication and the flow of information across the business. There is a greater synergy between departments yet the design also enables a level of confidentiality across teams. Design emphasis was placed on quality materials, finishes and furniture throughout the entire tenancy allowing a high level of amenity for their number one asset - their people. High quality design and detail along with contemporary products demonstrates Euroz’s forward looking vision. To further demonstrate their presence on the forefront Euroz utilised the latest high quality AV systems within their meeting and presentation rooms.