Geyer Perth Studio A new creative hub

With the lease up for renewal and observed changes in the local property market, Geyer’s Perth studio wanted to take advantage of better commercial conditions with the cultural benefits associated with a higher level of amenity. Keeping with tradition, Geyer sought a new studio within a refurbished heritage building in a prime CBD location with greater connections to surrounding retail and hospitality offers. We wanted to create a design hub which would allow our people to collaborate and co-create with clients and industry partners. The Cloisters building in Perth was chosen as Geyer’s ideal studio location.

'The Cloisters' is one of the few remaining convict-built colonial buildings of the mid-nineteenth century in the central area of Perth and is National Trust classified. Unifying old with new, the design pays homage to the heritage site, marrying innovative technologies which allow seamless instantaneous connection between Geyer's global studios and enable enhanced mobility of our design professionals. It is a unique, dynamic and future focused working environment.

The new location gave Geyer the opportunity to move into a new environment and apply new ways of working, creating a “working prototype of ideas” with an environment where hi-tech meets heritage. A more efficient approach was taken to facilitate greater collaborative opportunities and gain greater economies of space without compromising culture. In order to rationalise the space, planning options explored new ways of working, technology innovations including future proofing and a review of space standards.

Employing strategies used with many of our clients, Geyer Perth embraced this new exciting space and achieved a reduction of 50% in rent and outgoings, whilst simultaneously allowing for growth. The new studio space is open plan with a variety of layouts that allows us to expand and contract based on project needs and demands. It allows us to test concepts explored with our clients and lead by example; we can now practice what we preach in our design. The space is more client inclusive with the studio entrance taking the form of a central kitchen space instead of a traditional reception area. There is greater agility to move around the space and a high level of technology integration into key spaces. Geyer people and their clients can use a variety of Wi-Fi enabled flexible working spaces and work settings. The studio caters for a range of working needs, from focussed to collaborative, external to internal and connectivity greatly improved through the implementation of new technology.

Re-use was a key budget consideration for the design. Existing furniture pieces were re-lifed into the new studio complementing introduced elements with quality and longevitiy in mind. Low cost materials were also creatively used across the design e.g. cardboard. In a move towards a less paper office and a reduction in storage space, a virtual library was improved to alleviate space pressure from Geyer’s extensive supplier & materials library.

The new design also focuses on the health and wellbeing of Geyer staff. Windows can be opened allowing fresh air to flow through the studio and provide an important link to the exterior of the building. Sit-to-stand desks were introduced to discourage people sitting for long periods of time, and there are no bins provided in the working area – people must get up and walk to the kitchen bins.

Lighting has been used to elevate the design experience of the space by accentuating specific areas and functions. Sculptural pendant lighting has been put into the kitchen, function beam lights with a similar look and feel are found in the studio area, a concealed LED strip is a key feature within a cardboard ceiling feature and adjustable spotlights are highlighted within presentation spaces.