Grant Thornton, Brisbane Providing a smart place for team and clients to embrace as their own.

Geyer made a difference for Grant Thornton by providing a sophisticated and dynamic physical environment that reflects their unique culture and brand, which sets them apart from the other top tier financial advisory organisations. The new space breaks down the barriers between staff and client interfacing areas, and provides the opportunity for better client service and staff collaboration. Within the new environment, a common streetscape along the prime vista of the building was created across all floors. This collaborative space provides an approachable and accessible common area for clients to interact, as well as providing the opportunity for increased interaction between the team. The streetscape is mirrored across all typical work floors, reiterating the value Grant Thornton places on openness and well-being.

The design solution by Geyer assists the organisation future-proof for potential growth. The workstation footprint was based on a flexible kit of parts that can easily grow and contract with the business. For example, a double-footprint workstation was created to be easily broken down into 2 x typical workstations to support the evolution of teams.

The design solution for Grant Thornton also challenges the typically segregated front and back of house workplace by blurring the boundary of space ownership. Geyer achieved this by allocating a significant amount of prime real estate to client/staff social space. Such spaces include the creation of the interactive streetscape across all floors, which is linked by an interconnecting staircase. The timber streetscape on the client floor includes a touch down space and a variety of informal settings, all of which encourage clients to feel at home in the environment.