Hasbro Product is hero

Hasbro is a high profile consumer brand, who despite manufacturing popular culture, needed to find an innovative heart.


Geyer worked with Hasbro on the relocation of their workplace in Sydney and created both a flexible and dynamic environment. The key objective was to create a sense of cultural connectivity to both the product and to their people, while also providing the opportunity for individual expression. The notion of a white box concept was developed to provide a neutral canvas. Contrasts were overlayed to represent the essence of the Hasbro culture. A continuous thread of product, representing the only injection of colour, was added to this landscape. Product is hero. Focal points house sculptures created from product packaging and meeting rooms house a games wall. These tactics activate impromptu interactions and ensure exposure to the entire product range. Staff are encouraged to brainstorm ideas over a game of scrabble. Retail planning principles were applied whereby transition corridors linked work and play pads providing focal points and activation points.


The space is a place for imagination, a place for fun, a place of innovation - energised and dynamic.