HBF Retail Branch Network Evolving from health insurer to health partner

At the forefront of health innovation HBF are continually looking for new ways to make their members healthier and happier people, to 'live together in a healthier place.' With a strong sense of community spirit, it was important for HBF that the community voice is heard and localised and relevant information shared amongst members in each branch location. Their new community focused retail space provides digital and technological support spaces to staff to enable them to excite, inform and educate customers and clients demonstrating genuine care for its members, encouraging them to be healthier and happier people.

Providing an elevated experience where provider and consumer come together as health partners, customers take a personalised journey through three distinct zones ;

Captivate is an inspirational zone with interactive displays and bench space with iPads and apps developed especially for HBF members to assist in self-education and self-service activities, alleviating historically congested claims areas. The captivate area is supported by a full time concierge staff member to assist members as they enter. Engagement with the community is fostered in this zone with a wellness and community bulletin board.

Discover focuses on the customer waiting area where members are encouraged to explore the new environment. The space is supported by a large format TV monitor informing members of current consumer information (including promotions) as well as lifestyle information to educate healthy living. Flexible, these spaces evolve and adapt easily to promotions, special events, and are able to become even more interactive as technology evolves.

Resolve is a private zone, providing customers with more time and more privacy to complete their enquiry. The customer is provided with a range of spaces to best support their enquiry: Teller, Quick Transaction, General Enquiry, and Private Conversation.

The vibrant, energising design delivers a fresh approach for client interaction and showcases the corporate re-brand and values. Further tying HBF’s new corporate identity into the retail environments saw a significant change to the working environment, technology and systems. A choice of work settings are now provided to support staff in their roles, including sit-to-stand workstations which encourage staff interaction with customers as they enter the store and standing for shorter client interactions.