HWT 'Our Space on 3' helps Herald Weekly Times connect, collaborate and create

Geyer recently completed "Our Space On 3" for HWT, and innovative meeting place for staff to connect, collaborate and create.


HWT nominated 15 key ‘up and comers’ from their business and asked them to come up with ideas of how the company as a whole could better connect, collaborate, and create. The motivation behind “Our Space on 3” was to provide an inspiring location that encouraged cross-departmental communication and collaboration in a relaxed and flexible environment.


The team asked for a space of 500sqm that would be an additional work floor where everyone in the business could come together to work. The team wanted a space that could be utilised for one-on-one, a small team, a large team or a forum of 200. They wanted the space to also allow for different work settings: from casual to corporate to formal.


Geyer’s design response was to intelligently separate the space into zones to accommodate the multipurpose role of the space: a place to meet, work and socialise in intimate or large groups.


The space includes a shared work and meeting space, café/bar area for meetings, and a business lounge. Each zone includes varied, yet complimentary, furniture, finishes, planting and lighting to create a series of environments within the space. This is designed to encourage all levels of the business to embrace the space as a place to escape the normal working environment to allow for creative and innovative thinking. The space also includes a high-level of mobile technology to allow for flexible working.


In a nod to HWT’s rich history in generating news and developing stories, Geyer incorporated historically significant HWT artifacts in the design to remind staff that HWT has a history in fostering creativity and “Our Space on 3” is an evolution of this commitment.