ICAP Technology advantage as a catalyst for change

ICAP had grown through acquisition over the past few years and was spread across multiple tenancies, each with quite different and unique subcultures. Therefore, the major objective of the project was to unite the company under ‘one ICAP’ brand and culture, realise economies and efficiencies of scale, leverage business opportunities through inter-group collaboration and provide a consistent level of workplace amenity to all employees.


A major challenge was the extremely fast tracked design and construction program and relatively modest budget, coupled with the changing needs of such a dynamic business. The design team responded by undertaking many activities in parallel during briefing and concept design, engaging early and often with the steering committee to facilitate decisions and partnering with the project manager to ensure all stakeholders were aware of the program risks and focussed on the outcome.


The design took inspiration from the underlying theme of the organisational culture providing the ‘catalyst’ for technology innovation, business growth and a high energy, high performance team mentality. A key aspect of the design was the desire to showcase ICAP’s technology and trading area, and as a result a breakout hub has been created between the reception and client area and the main trading floor. This ‘privileged’ space serves as a buffer between these zones and is for both employees and client use. For employees, the hub provides respite from the frenetic activity of the working areas from breakfast though coffee break to bar in the evening. For clients it is an alternate space to engage with ICAP staff in a more relaxed an casual environment, with views through a glass wall to the buzz of the trading activities. Additionally, this zone may be partly screened or fully opened up to the reception, providing a large area for large staff or client events.