John Holland Two divisions united as one brand

Geyer successfully co-located two separate and culturally diverse divisions of the John Holland group within the one central location; whilst still retaining each division's identity and reinforcing the overall John Holland brand.

A concept which fused raw vs. refined design language was developed based on John Holland's core business of construction. The immediate arrival point of the client interface introduces an unrefined aesthetic, which contrasts greatly to the polished quality that is experienced as one moves through to reception.

The accommodation has moved away from perimeter offices into a more open plan environment with inward bound offices, supported by quiet rooms, central copy facilities, project rooms and a multipurpose breakout area. An interconnecting stair links the two floors with an adjacent breakout/ beverage area on one of the floors that encourages collaboration between the two groups.

A distinct client interface reinforces the John Holland brand and the diversity of the group's business, both directly through a branding wall and indirectly through the choice and placement of finishes.