Knight Frank Sophisticated, innovative digital integration

Knight Frank's objective was to create an energised, nimble global network hub that provides passionate and independently minded professionals a platform to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, have fun and enhance their performance through growth and learning. Equally important was that the solution provided a boutique style lounge that provided a diverse range of opportunities for their clients to feel engaged, connected, valued and be ‘wowed’.

Geyer’s design solution addressed each of these elements by creating intuitive spaces energised around circulation paths and activities, whilst providing neighbourhoods with equitable provision of amenity to ensure future flexibility maintaining good light and views. Sophisticated and innovative with a digital overlay, knowledge sharing is the focal point of the space with visual buzz and unexpected gestures to draw people in. Clever design to with stand the test of time.


“Our ‘New Way of Working’ represents a focus on wellbeing, collaboration and the latest technology to showcase our offerings in a modern, unique and sustainable way”. 

- Richard Horne – Managing Director of Knight Frank.


Sophisticated, innovative digital integration; the intelligent design ensures that the space withstands the test of time. With no barriers obstructing the physical space, Knight Frank staff are enabled to invite clients and partners to share their facilities and expertise. With a diverse landscape of settings that support a complete range of workplace activities the design aligns to the needs of the organisation.

Knight Frank’s fit-out embodies the underlying sophistication of a well-established, professional company whilst exuding a dynamic energy, generated from their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. The digital backbone allows them to be responsive and current.

The project was managed by Knight Frank Project Management and Building Consultancy.