NRMA Contact Centres A sustainable solution, enhancing workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction

Geyer worked with NRMA on their Contact Centre rollouts which combine advanced sustainable design with innovative workspaces, as well as, breakout areas for enhanced workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction.


The new Parramatta Contact Centre consolidated three separate offices into a single location, and took the opportunity to create a ground-breaking sustainable new workspace that would consider every aspect of doing business, from enhancing communications systems and ergonomic working areas to creating a new level of employee workplace satisfaction.


The design solution for IAG identified five key guiding design principles:


_People Magnet – Providing  a sense of community and excitement.

_Customers Focus – Creating areas for enhancing work focus and opportunities for crosstraining.

_Well-Oiled – Vertical connectivity creates visual access and a workspace that supports specific roles.

_Continuous Learning – An open environment offers easy access to all, coupled with great IT wireless facilities.

_Walk the Talk – Representing group values, demonstrating trust and care, and minimising employee stress.


The 10,000sqm, 800 seat IAG Parramatta Contact Centre now features 7 floors each respresenting a different insurance service offer with a further floor dedicated wholly to shared training and meeting facilities.  An internal stair connects levels 1 through to 8, creating both a physical and visual connection across all floors. Café style and lounge break out areas are situated directly off the stair on each level, encouraging people to travel through the building with ease. 


A clear delineation between work areas and break out meeting zones allow IAG’s people to completely focus on their customer’s call.  The dedicated floor of meeting and training facilities offers large, multifunctional rooms which can be rearranged according to training requirements, as well as quiet rooms, small meeting rooms, and a generous central lounge area for break out sessions.  The space can combine with a number of meeting rooms via opening walls to create a large ‘town hall’ function space for 200-300 people. 


To accommodate the broad mix of NRMA employees and inject a sense of workplace community, Geyer have incorporated a number of distinct areas in their design.  Employees can choose from a quiet study library with internet stations, a ‘play station’ room, diverse spaces on each floor filled with soft furniture in ‘domestic’ settings to encourage employees to discover their favourite space in the building.


In line with IAG’s strong position on actively promoting sustainability the contact centres has acheived a 5 star Green Star rating.


Geyer completed three further NRMA Contact Centres in Hurstville, Essendon, and Mulgrave aligned to the guiding principles while responding to the unique requirements or cultural influences of each location.  The contact centre at Essendon Fields was awarded the PCA Innovation and Excellence Award for Office Fitouts in 2010.