Qantas Working across Australia on a variety of retail and public space upgrade projects

Geyer has been working with Qantas to upgrade their base building terminals across Sydney, Perth and Melbourne domestic airports. The project aims to maximise rental revenues by improving terminal utilisation, amenity and introducing well know high street retailers across their ports, providing an enhanced Qantas experience.
The Sydney terminal scope of works has also included the design of a new high end food court. The project brief specified that this was to create ‘a destination within the terminal.’ The overarching vision was to provide an experience for customers that reflects Qantas brand positioning and maintain brand consistency though all touch points within Qantas environments. ‘Dining through time and place’ became the inspiration for the design which was translated through subtle notions, a neutral colour palette and textural references.
Geyer is also acting as a Tenancy Co-ordinator for Qantas across all ports and is currently assisting Qantas to open over 100 specialty retail and food and beverage tenancies. Essentially Geyer’s role is to ensure the retailers are fully operational by the established opening date and that their designs adhere to Qantas’ standards This role also includes providing architectural tenancy building plans and packs for each specific site.
Additionally, Geyer is also working with Qantas to upgrade Flight Information Displays Screens across all domestic ports.