QSuper Reflects Qsuper's members' communities

QSupers’ new accommodation projected an efficient, forward thinking organisation that leads the way and is ahead of its competition. Geyer worked with QSuper to create an environment that reflects the communities that QSupers’ members work and live in, showcasing the distinctive natural habitats through use of colour and texture.


Geyer developed worksettings using a ‘kit of parts’ that allowed for cost effective personalisation of worksettings according to tasks undertaken. An interconnecting stair was designed to promote welcoming atmosphere for clients to the purpose built client seminar facility. The QSuper fitout reminds staff of the communities they represent and shows its’ members that they consider them as part of the family. Being a superannuation fund manager, QSuper established a strict budget for the fitout and this contributed to the clever use of colour on feature walls, ceilings and doors. Spaces were delineated and architectural components emphasized through the use of the selected paint colours. “Bus stops” were created on each floor for staff to informally gather for meetings. The placement of these areas is highly visible on each floor due to the use of colour. This also brings life to the large floor plates, breaking up the space.