SAP Clarity in the workplace

Geyer was engaged to design SAP’s new head office in Sydney. Having conducted a property search, SAP then decided to renegotiate and lease an extra floor in their current building giving them 3 contiguous work floors and one other floor dedicated to clients, customers, training and large meetings. As a technology based sales organisation, SAP decided to use this opportunity to roll out their new brand message 'Clarity', as well as refresh the work space to create a more open, light and energetic environment that could be used as a key differentiator to attract and retain the best people.


The CEO mandated an 'open-plan' approach to the workspace, driven from the need to encourage more collaboration and real time dialogue within the organisation. To that end, a bench style desk was agreed upon with the ability to consolidate three work spaces into four, in order to support and accommodate future growth. A suite of both enclosed meeting rooms and open meeting pods was included within each floor to support both formal and informal meetings that take place during the course of a normal business day. To support the existing mobile workforce and to assist in the encouragement of a more flexible work approach to 'owning a desk', additional drop in spaces were included on each floor, either at a dedicated bench or in any one of the meeting rooms or pods. This approach is supported by an oversupply of lockers on each floor (at day 1) allowing people to lock their items away rather than leave them at their workspace.