Squire Sanders Supporting the evolution of a new legal work culture

Following their split from Minter Ellison, Squire Sanders focused on developing a new, independent culture. They wanted a space committed to timelessness and longevity of design, with collaboration becoming a key component to support the evolution of a new work culture and an aim towards becoming more open and supportive of each other beyond individuals.
Geyer responded to the brief by putting in place a new planning philosophy that moved away from the traditional legal planning  approach of perimeter offices. The overlay of technology was significant in supporting the spatial communities developed during the planning exercise to create incidental places for interaction. The non-heirarchical spatial organisation (all office footprints are the same size with no perimeter offices) takes the significance off the individual and moves it towards effective teams.
Site lines across the floor plates and the creation of ‘neighbourhoods’ offer a strong sense of place and breaks up monotony. A large proportion of space was determined for entertaining while being well orchestrated to manage privacy and security without compromising the aesthetic and functional requirements. 
The workplace creates a strong sense of identity and pride, articulating a culture that was previously undefined and now aligns with the vision of the company. As part of a global network the new environment also comes complete with a ‘hotelling’ space for visiting international Squire Sanders people. 
The completion of the project has been embraced at all levels of the organisation. It is the first Squire Sanders office to open in Austraila.