Telecom NZ A Highly visible platform for cultural change

Telecom New Zealand’s unique campus development in the heart of Auckland’s city centre was the first stage in the realisation of a National Accommodation & Property Strategy for Telecom NZ.  In 2007, Telecom’s Auckland 36,000sqm real estate portfolio was distributed across 14 leased locations. A key objective of the ‘Next Generation Telecom’ initiative is to better connect with New Zealanders including Telecom customers, partners, community and Telecom people.


Property advisors Wareham Cameron + Co and the workplace strategy team at Geyer were engaged to develop an accommodation and property strategy for Telecom (TAPS: Telecom Accommodation and Property Strategy) which considered their national requirements for the 2010 to 2020 timeframe. The strategy recommended Telecom consolidate into major hubs in both Wellington and Auckland, while leaving the properties in other New Zealand cities as is. Due to size requirements in both cities, new buildings needed to be considered as existing Telecom properties were not large enough to contain the whole.


The new building in Auckland is a manifestation of this strategy, representing the “next generation workplace’ to help Telecom achieve their goals.  Geyer and the consultant team worked with the building developer and architect to to amend a building to ensure Telecom NZ could have a building that was the right size and in the right location, with the attributes they required.


Changes to the building include the addition of a glass roof capturing space between the buildings creates an atrium, the introduction of sky bridges and stairs link the quadrants of the building and create a dynamic interior space. Changes to the building facade were negotiated to create a more contemporary feel and unite the four quadrants. The ground floor has been cleared to create a public plaza, maintain contextual links and support pedestrian traffic flow. The public are invited to be a part of Telecom NZ and experience their innovation, as well as gain exposure to the company’s inner culture.


The new Auckland development is considered New Zealand’s largest ever single tenancy fitout.  Geyer and New Zealand Architects Warren & Mahoney worked with Telecom NZ to design the workplace fitout.­­  Working floors are designed to be as flexible as possible. A repeating footprint stacks up through the buildings, and contains a great variety of meeting and work places. As at street level, the atrium is ringed on every floor by communal spaces such as lounges and meeting rooms.  Each building interior has a different colour and character to facilitate way-finding and reflect brand.  85% of people are now working dynamically resulting in greater team integration.