The Cancer Council The 'daffodil' connects the organisation

The Cancer Council was looking to make the transition into an open plan environment to encourage collaboration, interaction and equality of space across the various business units. As owners of the building, it was vital that the building and the fit out could support the anticipated growth of the organisation over the next 5 years.


A design concept was developed using the daffodil (the international symbol of hope for all people affected by cancer) to feature and extend throughout all 6 levels of the building. Each floor featured a cross section of the daffodil (bulb, stem, leaves and petals) providing a strong sense of connection whilst giving a unique identity to each floor. Within the open plan environment, community and breakout areas have been established with an increase in the provision of quiet and multi-function meeting rooms on all floors to encourage the connection of business groups from across the organisation.


The environment is functional and adaptable to cope with the large fluctuation of both volunteers and employees for fundraising events such as Daffodil Day.