UTS Public Spaces Challenging how public space is used

Geyer undertook a strategic review of the public spaces and student zones within the UTS Tower Building in order to create invigorated environments which provide portals into UTS life and create dialogues between students, industry and the community. Geyer undertook a review to appreciate how people moved through the space and how it was currently being utilised.


Geyer found that outside of fixed UTS calendar events / activities, there was limited reason to visit the UTS Tower Building and as such the space had a transient feel, acting more as a thoroughfare. With uneven traffic flow horizontally and vertically, the space either became congested during events or empty and lacking in energy at other times. Through a workshop with key UTS stakeholders, Geyer explored how the public spaces could be used in the future. A 'calendar of activities' was developed which enabled the development of the spatial and functional requirements, flow of traffic and desired experience of users. This is turn allowed us to challenge the existing habitual use of the spaces, and establish the most suitable location for future activities / events. A number of dedicated and multi-purpose zones were nominated, to ensure that a balance of spaces for resident students and staff while enabling the space to flexibly accommodate calendar events.