VENN A progressive inner city destination

VENN is a retail shop, cafe/bar and gallery within a century old flour mill built in 1906. The site has undergone an extensive refurbishment process to create the new spaces which reference the history of the building while incorporating contemporary materials and finishes.


The concept behind VENN was to create spaces that were purely focused on quality and attention to detail within an historic, art filled environment. Geyer responded to the brief to create a premier place to showcase and inspire creativity.


The team, in collaboration with Matthews Architects, approached the retail space from an experience and destination perspective, providing warmth and richness to the refined space through the use of contemporary materials and design features. The shop uses the circular form as a key principle in building elements. Visitors can expect to see quality design features including imported Portuguese tiles in the bar, the fixtures within the shop are highly crafted , it was important the products sat on something of equal quality. A lot of the original timbers were retained for shelving, aerated white concrete was introduced to add texture and various unique furniture pieces have been installed. Each space has a sense of simplicity and ease without being overdecorated to create a truly dynamic space within the Perth CBD.


Ultimately, Geyer created an identity for the shop as a key destination for Perth.